Start using the video recording capability you already have

You probably have hundreds if not thousands of video capture devices in your organisation already, and with Viostream you can unlock this potential and maximise the ROI of your existing tools. Easily source live or recorded video content at scale, from a quick update in the field captured on a mobile phone, to a broadcast quality live stream of your CEO giving an all staff town hall.

Viostream's ingest workflow supports most common tools like Cisco and BlueJeans video conferencing, WebEx and Skype for Business as well as Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Live stream your events

Live stream your events

With Viostream's Live module you can broadcast your video live to an audience on any device, anywhere in the world. Create an event site with your branding, add your event details and viewer registration then use the director module to go live, incorporating synchronised slides and online Q&A to drive audience engagement.

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Add streaming video to your content management tools

There are lots of channels you already use to connect with your people. Whether it’s your intranet, digital workplace, learning management system, enterprise social or digital signage, now you can reach everyone with a consistently awesome live and on-demand video experience.

Out of the box, Viostream connects with common platforms like SharePoint, Squiz, Active Directory, Yammer and it has a flexible API so you can integrate with almost any enterprise application.

Support video at scale on your corporate network, without breaking it

Streaming live video or large amounts of simultaneous on-demand video content across an internal network can have a profound impact on bandwidth, especially for networks with a high concentration of viewers at end-points across global office locations.

Viostream overcomes this challenge, with efficient video distribution on the corporate network and flexible delivery options that help you generate ROI from existing network infrastructure, rather than requiring investment in a dedicated video network across your sites.

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