How Viostream helps employees learn

In Australia, 65% of people prefer learning through visual communications. People today watch more videos than ever on social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube. Video makes learning fun and increases retention of information.

Viostream supports video learning activity anywhere, any time, and on any device. We ensure corporate learning is delivered in a controlled and timely manner. Viostream understands the importance of delivering a fantastic learning experience. Make a great first impression during your employee inductions by including video content. Viostream works closely with you learning & IT teams to implement the right solution for your business.

Viostream’s features include customised sites, calls to action, and detailed reporting and analytics. Viostream's sites help bring the YouTube learning experience into your organisation. Our analytics help organisations know who is watching content and for how long. This provides feedback to learning teams and enables them to better structure learning content. This functionality also helps customers follow legal onboarding requirements.

The security of video content is critical. Viostream's security suite enables you to choose the right security features for your organisation. Single sign on (SSO) functionality, IP restrictions and domain whitelisting are all available to secure your content. And of course all of your videos and data are hosted securely inside Australia.

The Business Case is clear

The retention rate for information in video is 65% versus 10% for text

Audio visual aids increase understanding of your content by up to 74%

65% of the population are visual learners

75% of workers interact with video more than three times daily