75% of workers at large organisations will interact with various kinds of video more than three times daily from 2018 - Gartner
How Viostream helps Communications Teams

Communication in business is critical and can be a fundamental driver for success. Keeping employees up to date can empower people to perform better and reduce churn.

The Viostream platform enables media streaming to all devices. Viostream’s customised Sites module enables content to be delivered in line with your branding. Media can also be distributed through social channels, intranets, and websites. Through our API, organisations can integrate the delivery of content with their day-to-day platforms. The ability to create chapters, calls to action and transcripts gives employees flexibility of viewing.

Live streaming to your employees is a great way for the management team to connect with their staff. A good speaker evokes emotional responses in audiences both in the room and online. The Viostream live streaming module is a perfect tool to enable this.

Viostream makes it easy for communications teams to engage employees with video content.

The Business Case is clear

Only 48% of employees open emails regarding internal communications

Video has a 74% higher comprehension rate than text

87% of desktop video users report feeling more connected to their teams

75% of workers interact with video more than three times daily

Case Studies

See how our customers use video in internal communications.

BUPA is driving employee engagement with user generated video
John Holland uses video to engage a field based workforce