Viostream simplifies the sourcing, management and distribution of video content, making live or on-demand video streaming work in your IT environment.

Intelligent Video Distribution

Intelligent Video Distribution

Streaming live video or large amounts of simultaneous on-demand video content across an internal network can have a profound impact on bandwidth.

Viostream overcomes this challenge, with intelligent and flexible distribution options across corporate networks. Viostream works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure stack, removing the need for additional equipment or investment, to support internal streaming.

Minimising video impact on the WAN

Viostream integrates with existing network caching devices and WAN optimisation applications like Riverbed, to leverage the existing stream splitting and object caching ability and serve a single stream to multiple users, minimising bandwidth utilisation

Live and on-demand video is cached on an appliance near the users (in the branch office). This helps provide a smooth viewing experience without buffering, and ensures the streaming content does not congest the WAN, or interfere with business-critical applications.

Intelligent Streaming
Intelligent Streaming

Videos are transcoded into multiple bit-rate, formats and screen sizes. When a user hits play, Viostream determines the device being used and network conditions to automatically serve the optimal bitrate and resolution. As the video is streamed, Viostream continually monitors the connection, and dynamically adjusts the video quality and bandwidth to meet prevailing network conditions.

This provides a high quality user experience, and gives the ability to ‘shape’ bandwidth, by controlling the size of the video streams and ensuring low bitrates are automatically provisioned for low bandwidth sites.

eCDN + Media Servers

Out of the box, Viostream’s Global CDN offering (using Akamai and AWS CloudFront) supports large scale streaming anywhere in the world, but also enables streaming across network eCDN or on-premise media servers. Our services team can work with you to configure media servers on physical or virtual machines to suit your network requirements, use cases and budget.

Live and on-demand video is cached on an appliance near the users (in the branch office). This helps provide a smooth viewing experience without buffering, and ensures the streaming content does not congest the WAN, or interfere with business-critical applications.

P2P Streaming

P2P streaming applications redistribute video streams, with each viewer acting as a re-broadcaster. Peer-based streaming technology utilises existing infrastructure, and typically requires just a client on the end-user device. Viostream integrates with P2P applications like Hive for silent testing, large scale live events and QoS.

Security & Control

Viostream’s security features ensure video hosting and access control meet your corporate security policies, with permission based user roles, active directory authentication, secure content delivery, flexible storage options and audit logs

  • Control who can view your content through viewer authentication
  • Seamless access for employees through SSO integration with your corporate directory
  • Prevent unwanted sharing by locking your video down to authorised websites or sites
  • Secure streaming prevents 3rd party interception and downloading of content
Security & Control
MS Active Directory
Active Directory Authentication

Viewer access can be controlled by using the SAML 2.0 protocol for SSO user authentication allowing for secure LDAP, Active Directory or SQL user authentication.

Viostream’s packaged SSO integration to Active Directory provides:

  • Simplified user login
  • Increased security using SAML & SSL Active Directory Federation Services
  • Controlled video distribution using Active Directory groups

Viostream includes cloud storage using AWS S3, which provides extreme data reliability. All content is stored within AWS Tier 3 Data Centers within Australia, meeting strict data sovereignty requirements for Government and Financial Services.

Flexible Cloud or On-Premise Storage


ISO 270001 Certification
ISO 270001 Certification

Viostream has been developed using industry best-practices for web application security, and all web hosting and content storage utilises ISO27001 certified facilities.

Amazon Web Services

Viostream is a highly available, scalable backbone for video storage, management and distribution built on AWS cloud infrastructure, inheriting its impressive security and compliance credentials.

Viostream leverages AWS API's to programatically and repeatedly deploy infrastructure and services globally. Viostream’s technology stack is deployed in multiple AWS regions, including:

  • Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • EC2 Reserved Instances
  • Route 53
  • Cloudfront Content Delivery Network
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Elemental hardware and cloud encoding

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IAmazon Web Services
WCAG 2.0
WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Compliance

Viostream is built around accessibility requirements, with integrated captioning, transcription workflows, keyboard navigable players and video galleries that make it simple to publish accessible video content.

Viostream is WCAG 2.0 'AA' compliant for both live streaming and on-demand video and is regularly tested and validated by 3rd party accessibility experts.


Video enable your enterprise applications

Viostream easily integrates with your existing enterprise applications like intranet, LMS, web CMS or enterprise social to seamlessly add streaming video. Native connectors are available for common platforms like SharePoint, and a flexible distribution API makes it simple to integrate video into your broader tech stack.

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Video enable your enterprise applications
Unleash your video devices

Viostream makes it easy to source live or recorded video content at scale, from a quick update in the field captured on a mobile phone, to a broadcast quality live stream of your CEO giving an all staff town hall.

From mobile devices to video or web conference tools you probably already have hundreds or thousands of video capture devices in your organisation, and with Viostream you can unlock this potential and maximise the ROI of your existing tools

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