With Viostream's powerful and comprehensive security features, its easy to control how, where and by whom your video content is consumed.


Video Privacy and Security

Control where and how people can view or distribute your video.

  • IP Restrictions - Limit your videos to playback from ranges of internet addresses (e.g. your corporate offices)
  • Geo-blocking - Limit your videos to playback from specific countries/regions
  • Domain whitelists - Limit which websites can embed your videos

User Security

Viostream has multiple features to help you manage your users and how they generate video. Your nominated admin users retain total control.

  • User roles: Viostream has multiple levels of user access to suit your workflow and security model
  • Password policies: Flexible control over password policy to align with your corporate policy
  • Sub accounts: Segregate users to enable them to better manage a subset of assets in your account

Auditing and Traceability

In the Viostream platform, all your users actions are logged and visible for you to audit.

The Audit Log is available to view for every individual resource in the platform. As an account admin, you have access to a centralised account dashboard where your entire Audit Log can be accessed. You can also download the log and import it into your own security systems.

Platform Security

Viostream is a highly available, scalable platform for storage, management and distribution of your video. Viostream is securely hosted on AWS cloud infrastructure, inheriting its impressive security and compliance credentials.

Viostream has been developed using industry best-practices for web application security, and all web hosting and content storage utilises ISO27001 certified facilities.

Viostream's security team actively monitors the security of the platform. Our process of continual improvement ensures that your data remains secure as technology evolves.