Comprehensive viewer reporting

Get a holistic picture of viewer engagement and media activity with Viostream Reporting. Not just video views, but who is watching, from where, on what screen, and how long are they watching.

Get answers to the key questions:

  • Who is actually watching my videos?
  • What is the average engagement rate of my video?
  • Are there any common drop-off points affecting engagement?


Integrate into your analytics solution

Viostream offers many ways to use your reporting data. Through Data Connect we have secure integrations to many popular Business Intelligence tools. To name a few:

  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Microsoft PowerBI
Check out the full list of integrations here

For other applications we offer alternative ways to export your data. This enables you to combine your Viostream data with your existing data sets.

Data Security and Privacy

At Viostream your data is yours, period. Viostream data never leaves Australian shores and is held in Tier 3 Data Centres. We never sell nor mine your video usage data. We use industry-grade encryption to protect your data, at rest and in trasit.

All your viewer usage data is available for export upon request.