The Console

Use Viostream's Console to manage all things video related

With Viostream's Console you have the ability to take total control. Manage users, security profiles, social syndication, watermarks, third party integrations and more.

The Console

Media Management

Ensure you can always find what your are looking for. Using the Viostream platform to manage your content will ensure all your video can be stored and distributed from one location.

  • Add tags
  • Manage metadata
  • Schedule publication and offline times
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Extensive filter lists


Add your videos to Viostream Channels Here you can create playlists of videos that can be shared to your audience. Channels enable you to easily add videos to a Site over time as you grow your content library.

  • Unlimited creation of Channels
  • Instantly add new videos to Sites
  • No need to change distribution links or embeds

The Console
The Console


Create an unlimited number of branded Players to support all your branding needs. Take advantage of many Player functions such as:

  • Unlimited creation of Players
  • Closed captions
  • Social sharing
  • Downloadable transcripts

Social Syndication

Set up and manage all your social platforms in the Viostream Console so that you have the ability to syndicate all your content easily. Social platforms supported are:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Yammer
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
The Console
The Console

Calls to Action

Ensure your viewers are staying engaged with your video through the use of Viostream's Calls to Action . Calls to Action help you to increase engagement by overlaying an image or text that links to your website or other related material.

  • Multiple Calls to Action in a single video
  • Custom Call to Action images and placement
  • Easily set Call to Action in and out timing

User Management

Ensure all your users have the relevant user access . Allow content creators to have access only relevant to them or apply full admin access for complete platform management. Choose from multiple levels of user access.

  • Admin - The highest level of user access
  • Publisher - Upload content, edit metadata, syndicate content
  • Contributor - Upload and view their own content
  • Analyst - Access reporting features

The Console
The Console

Uploads and API

Manage and customise how Viostream ingests media. Configuring Viostream to work with your existing technology is straightforward. This helps to reduce manual intervention in your workflows, saving time and removing user errors.

Distribution API

The Distribution API allows you to query information about the media and associated metadata in your account, and provides write capability for managing Channels.