Viostream enables your video to be WCAG 2.0 compliant

At Viostream, we have always encouraged our customers to be inclusive via the many Accessibility features inside our platform. Viostream complies with WCAG 2.0 ‘AA’ requirements. Our features listed below make it easy to publish compliant video content.



Captions (subtitles) are an integral component of Video Accessibility. Viostream enables you to add captions to your videos with ease.

For on-demand video, you can either upload your pre-created captions file , or use our Automated Video to Text Service to do the work for you.

For live streaming video, Viostream integrates with Ai-Media to provide real-time captions.


Transcripts are also a very important feature to enable video accessibility. Transcripts are the text version of the speech and non-speech audio information.

Viostream supports the upload of transcripts in many formats including PDF, Word, RTF, TXT.


Interactive Transcripts

Interactive transcript is a feature that highlights text phrases as they are spoken. Users can select text in the transcript and go to that point in the video.

It allows the viewer to:

  • Follow the narrative or story by seeing the corresponding text highlight as the video speaks to it.
  • Search the transcript for keywords and seek to the corresponding part of the video.

Player Keyboard Controls

Video players generally involve the heavy use of a mouse. But what happens when you rely on a screen reader to read the player features and select one for you?

Viostream has this covered. Our player can be completely controlled with your keyboard. Enable this on your player and when a user tabs into the player, they will be have full control over the features via their keyboard.


Audio Descriptions

An audio description describes the video so it's available to visually-impaired viewers. Viostream supports audio tracks with embedded audio description (additional MP3 audio track). The Viostream player has controls to turn on or off as required.

You may not need audio descriptions for talking head videos. Or for text on slides as long as the slide text is woven into the speech of the video. You may need audio description for charts and diagrams.