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Viostream is a cloud application that makes it easy to make and use video just like you do outside the workplace, but with the security and controls you need inside the enterprise. Capture video content using the business tools you already have, host it securely and distribute it to a dispersed workforce to engage your audience wherever they are.

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Video Galleries

In just minutes, design and go live with your own hosted, branded video gallery to create a powerful and interactive corporate tube video experience for your audience. Choose the design you like, add your branding, turn on the features you want and you're ready to launch.
Video Galleries

Simple Video Sourcing

Your people will be empowered to create their own video content, and by making it easy to capture training sessions and presentations you will quickly create a valuable library of searchable video content that can be watched by a distributed workforce on any device.

Security & Control

Intelligently control access to your content, so your people can easily watch videos like they're used to, while complying with IT security and governance protocols. Through Viostream's dashboard, you have a central view of your video assets, indexed by collections, channels and tags with complete control over who gets to see what.


Communication is a two-way thing, so let your people contribute their own stories and engage viewers in your messages with clickable elements in the video, chapters to make navigation of longer videos easy, and searchable dialogue so they can zero in on the information they're after.

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Give your people a voice

Live stream town hall briefings to connect with all of your people everywhere and bring the audience into the conversation with integrated commenting, Q&A for live events and the ability to easily capture and contribute their own videos.

Make the information in your video easy to get at

Searchable dialogue makes it possible to find the spoken words in a video, and chapters make the content in longer videos easier to access. Viostream's in-built workflow converts your video into captions, making WCAG accessibility compliance a breeze and making your content viewable in any environment, like on the train or in an open plan office.

Make video engaging

Video viewing doesn't have to be a sit-back experience. Let your audience interact with your videos with clickable elements in the video that turn views into outcomes. And with engagement analytics and user-level tracking, you can turn your video content into valuable compliance and training tools.
Make video engaging


Video works best when you integrate it with the business tools you already use, so Viostream lets you authenticate viewers with your corporate directory, embed video into your existing comms channels and handle video at scale within the confines of your network.

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Upgrade your intranet with streaming video

Intranet platforms usually suck at video streaming, so Viostream makes it easy to record and share video content on your digital workplace or intranet platform. Flexible publishing options include simple script or iFrame embed, distribution API or native connectors for common platforms like SharePoint and Squiz Matrix.

Stream video on your network without breaking it

Your IT team will probably have kittens when you talk about large scale use of streaming video, but Viostream helps them overcome their bandwidth challenges with efficient video distribution that minimise the impact of large numbers of viewers on the corporate network. Flexible delivery options help your IT department leverage existing network infrastructure, so they won't need to spend millions investing in a dedicated video network across your sites.

Control access seamlessly

Viostream's Single Sign-On access supports integration with your internal corporate directory so you can control who gets to view what videos across your organisation without the need for additional usernames and passwords. Viewer access to Viostream media and video galleries is controlled by using the SAML 2.0 protocol for SSO user authentication.
Video Gallery

Professional Services to support your success

Effective video starts with a camera and ends with someone engaging with it on a screen. Viostream truly supports that workflow end-to-end with a dedicated services team and partner network to back up our technology promise.

From managing the delivery of a live town hall presentation, all the way through to supporting your IT team with network configuration for large scale video streaming, our customer success, live streaming, network consulting and 24/7 technical support teams will help you make it work.


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