Live Events

Events are great to attend in person. They're even greater if you can share your message to people who are unable to attend. With Viostream's Live Services you can take your event as far and wide as you like!

Viostream helps you expand your reach to any device and allows viewers to participate through Twitter, interactive Q&A, and even polls. Viostream helps you deliver events in real-time. Help your audience feel like they are in the room with the presenter and slides. Viostream's flexible webcast templates ensure that viewers are immersed in your full brand experience.

Complete End to End Support

Our streaming professionals will work with you from conception to delivery. One of our talented Executive Producers will cover all things that are needed for a successful live stream. On event day you will have a dedicated onsite Broadcast Engineer to ensure seamless delivery.

  • We’ll work with venue networks team to ensure network availability
  • Post event viewer reports
  • On site monitoring of the live stream
  • Viostream works closely with your events team

Customised Templates

Ensure your viewers get an seamless branded experience. Our dedicated team will work with you to create a portal tailored to your needs, using functionality in the Viostream Platform including:

  • Speaker biographies
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Live captions
  • Downloadable content

Personalised Debrief

Our support doesn't stop once the event has finished. Our team will help decipher reporting, provide full HD recordings, and provide a full post event debrief. The aim is to support you and see how we can make your next event even better!

  • Full debrief
  • Discuss learnings
  • Gather feedback
  • What worked well, what didn't

Contact us for a quote

We're always here to help with your live streaming needs. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Let us know your venue
  • Is this going to be internal or an external event?
  • Does your audience need Q&A?
  • How many people do you expect to be watching?

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