Government Communications

Reach and engage your audience with inclusive, engaging content

Imagine if you could cost-effectively connect with a limitless audience through a super easy to use live stream, that can be accessed on any device without downloading anything.

Add a managed online Q&A capability, and integration with social platforms for message amplification and you're looking at a powerful tool for effective, cost-efficient communication.

Take away the risks of YouTube and regain control of your content

YouTube has it's place as a social distribution channel, but the platform is really designed around monetising video content, not as a video management platform for Government.

With Viostream you get a secure, WCAG compliant, centralised view of all your video assets, indexed by collections, channels and tags with complete control over who gets to see what. You can securely publish video to your site or intranet and you have complete control of the viewer experience without the risk of ads or questionable content.

Tick all the Government specific boxes when it comes to online video

Life is just a little bit harder when you're in Government communications. Not only do you need to deliver super effective, cost-efficient communications, but you also need to think about data sovereignty, security, accessibility, compliance with Government IT protocols and local support.

We get it, so Viostream is designed around the needs of Australian Government organisations to make things work the way you need them to. Data sovereignty? Check. Security? Check. WCAG Accessibility? Check. Australian tech and support? Check.

Technology is cool, but having the support to make it work is even better

The best technology in the world is no good if you don't know how to use it. That's why our teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are on hand to help you navigate the public sector specific challenges of video streaming.

Whether it's managing your live event for you, or giving you the tools, knowledge and support you need to do it yourself, we'll help you get the outcome you need.

And because more Government Departments rely on Viostream than any other platform, there's a ready built community of users and advocates you can tap into to find out what works.

Make WCAG accessibility so easy it just makes sense

Viostream is built with accessibility at it's core, with integrated captioning and transcription workflows and keyboard navigable players and video galleries that make it simple to publish accessible video content.

Viostream is WCAG 2.0 'AA' compliant for both live streaming and on-demand video and is regularly tested by accessibility experts to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.


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