Viostream has been involved with TEDxSydney since day 1. I enjoy the agile nature of the partnership and that things can happen quickly and flexibly

Remo Giuffre

The Challenge

Each year TEDxSydney needed to reach as many hearts and minds as possible. But, with venue limits, the challenge is one of capacity.

TEDx, being a technology innovator, wanted to explore a technology-first solution. This solution needed to reach multiple locations - Facebook, Sydney Morning Herald, and Youtube. The brand headline of “Ideas Worth Spreading” is a constant one.


The Solution

With Viostream's technology, TEDxSydney recognised early on that events didn’t need to be restricted by ‘four walls’.

Using Viostream these annual events could be live-streamed on the TEDxSydney homepage, Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of viewers had the privilege to watch TEDxSydney talks in real-time and later on via on-demand.

Viostream has been with TEDxSydney from the beginning, streaming thousands of minutes of video to millions of viewers around the world without missing a beat.