TED talks are a cultural phenomenon. A conference originally focused squarely on technology, entertainment and design (TED) has become an entire industry built on the value of ideas.

The premise behind TED talks is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. But how do you reach as many hearts and minds when there is a limit to how many people you can fit into the Sydney Opera House or International Convention Centre?



TED recognised early on that events were no longer restricted by four walls. They may take place in a conference centre or hall, but your audience can participate from anywhere in the world. Last year’s TEDxSydney event, for example, attracted a sell-out crowd of more than 4,000 atendees. But, by live-streaming the event on its homepage, Facebook, and The Sydney Morning Herald, it reached an additional 116,000 viewers online, and another 23,000 attendees tuned in at more than 200 satellite events around the world.

Viostream has been with TEDx Sydney from the beginning – streaming thousands of minutes of video to millions of viewers around the world without missing a beat.

“Viostream has been involved with TEDxSydney since day 1”

Remo Giuffre - TEDx Sydney

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