As the operator of Westfield shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand, Scentre Group have thousands of staff spread across the region, with their executive team based out of the Sydney headquarters. On a regular basis, that leadership team needs to connect with their people everywhere, to update them on business initiatives and progress, and to listen to and respond to questions from their operations in the field. Likewise, when major events happen such as the opening of a new or redeveloped centre, there's a need to connect head office with the field activities to share in the achievement in a real way.

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On a regular basis, Scentre's executive team conduct briefings from their Sydney head office, which are live streamed to display screens, computers and mobile devices across all their sites. These aren't just one way sessions, as everyone has equal opportunity to ask questions through the live stream event site, which are collated and fed through to the presenters. It's an open, engaging dialogue which helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, whether they're based in head office or in an operational facility.

“Your help in making this happen for us is amazing – just the standard great service we always receive from the Viostream team!”

Tahn Shannon - Senior Corporate Communications Specialist, Scentre Group

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