We need to work with somebody that is completely reliable and trustworthy and that's why we work with Viostream

Jeva Centeno, Investor Relations Manager

The Challenge

QBE needed to reach their investors around the world with their operational and financial updates. These sessions needed to be available post-event. This was to ensure investors unable to attend were able to watch at their own convenience.

QBE also needed to stream to internal staff. These streams must be available only to internal employees.


The Solution

Viostream helps QBE provide regular investor briefings through interactive live streaming. Communicating to thousands of investors through this medium helps portray the messaging as QBE sees fit.

As one of the most innovative Investor Relations teams in the country, QBE works with Viostream to integrate video into their native iOS and Android App. This provides a record of all briefings to the global financial community on any device.