When the Secretary of Health discovered that it was impossible to address all their people at once, their IT and communication leaders began to investigate a solution that could connect all of their people. The challenge was to make briefings available to everyone, everywhere, across many sites, multiple sub-agencies, and disparate IT networks.



Health TV is a platform for employee engagement, enabling the executive team to connect with their people through live interactive briefings. Staff are encouraged to attend the Canberra based events in person, or watch from common areas on digital signage screens, in remote viewing sites in video conference rooms or from desktop and mobile devices.

And the communications team have extended Health TV from a live stream platform to become a hub for all video content, and to firmly establish video as a core communications channel across the department.

“We use Health TV as one of our main internal communication channels. We distribute corporate messages to staff in a relevant, timely and engaging format. We share information between branches and most importantly throughout our Health state network. And we create a rich and lasting pool of information for all staff to access..”

Kate Sullivan, Acting Director - Corporate Communications - Department

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