With over 22,000 people across corporate offices, call centres, retirement villages and retail shops BUPA’s communications team can’t rely on a one size fits all approach. Face to face communication is king, but their leaders just can’t physically connect with that scale of workforce, so they turn to video for a more personal way to engage their people wherever they are throughout the year.



Video is now an integral channel for BUPA, and has become an accessible and cost-effective tool for internal communications and knowledge sharing. They use video to share vision and strategy, as well as business and performance updates. Not all of BUPA’s video communications are top-down, and all of their people have the chance to contribute their own videos - a capability that has helped make user generated campaigns a great success.

“We really had challenges reaching our audience due to bandwidth issues and network connection… Viostream certainly helps us in that regard but it’s also really made us think differently about video and that’s really exciting”

Jacquelyn Stevens, Digital Content Manager - BUPA

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