When the ATO began it’s transformational journey, “Reinventing the ATO”, they recognised that they needed to engage with their stakeholders in a way that would resonate. What they also discovered was that frequently people who had trouble finding what they wanted on the website would go off and google their question, and more often than not they’d be directed to a YouTube video. The trouble is that almost all of those videos were not from the ATO, and so their audience ended up being scattered across the web to tax agents and other external parties.



ATO has embedded video throughout it’s digital communication, from a series of Viostream videos on it’s homepage to ATO TV, a ATO branded video gallery. And with the scale and reliability of the Viostream platform, they can be confident of handling even the most extreme traffic.

ATO also recognised that to change the way they engaged with their external stakeholders, they needed innovation in their internal communications to transform the way the worked.

With many thousands of employees across the country, the ATO’s internal video team deliver live, interactive streams of important updates and departmental meetings. Not only does this provide a greater sense of connection and inclusiveness in employee engagement, but it also results in significant cost savings on travel and time out of the business.

“What we found over time was that we really needed…. videos to be integrated with the digital services. So we introduced the ATO TV channel and Viocorp has been a great partner in the delivery of that and we’re getting fantastic feedback on that.”

Daniel Keys, Assistant Commissioner - Australian Tax Office

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