The Challenge

Adobe were looking for a trusted partner to deliver their key brand and creative messages to audiences around the world

Adobe events feature many high profile speakers whose content can inspire people globally. Therefore, measuring success and audience engagement was imperative. They needed a partner that provides the latest technology, whilst ensuring mission critical live streaming.


The Solution

Starting in 2014, Viostream live streamed the first regional Adobe Symposium at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia. Since then, Viostream has streamed all Australian Symposiums and ‘Make It Live’ events. Additional streams were also pushed to YouTube and Facebook.

Adobe relies on Viostream to solve unique location and venue issues such as those presented at Carriageworks. This enables customers and partners to access the conference in real-time from their computer or mobile device.

On-demand recordings are available online immediately after the conclusion of the event. This allows the global audience to have access at any time on any device.