Why video is now the most effective communication medium

When most people think of digital communications, tweets, emails and blog posts are probably the first things that come to mind. But, the truth is that the future of digital communications is much more than just text. Online videos are rapidly becoming the medium of choice for busy internet users.

In fact, figures from research firm Frost & Sullivan have found more people are watching video online than ever before. In Australia, the number of individuals using these services have grown from 68 per cent of internet users in 2012 to 83 per cent today.

What’s more, the range of devices used to consume video content has grown substantially, with more than half (51 per cent) consuming media on a smartphone and 47 per cent using a tablet.

While video has clearly become a popular with the public, it’s potential in corporate communications is only just beginning to be realised.

The year of visual storytelling

This year is already looking like the year video becomes a major factor in public relations efforts. In PRNewswire’s survey of PR trends, 51 per cent of respondents predicted their company will spend more on video compared to the year before.

Part of that is the added reach that comes with a visual presentation over alternatives. In fact, the research reported that videos posted on top-ranking corporate Facebook sites are shared 12 times more than text or links.

The study also found that educational videos like how tos, tips and demos were the most effective forms of video content. Explainers, mini-documentaries and “talking head” presentations also ranked highly.

While this is likely to be a big year for online video content, there are still some concerns playing on the minds of marketing and communications professionals. According to the research, a lack of resources, perceived cost and time are both big concerns for those working in these areas.

To resolve time and resource issues, the researchers behind the project suggest running a content audit to identify potential holes in their content generation and then target their efforts to address these points of weakness.

For companies that are eager to move into video content, Viostream’s enterprise video streaming solutions are ideally positioned to help. With an easy-to-use hosting service and a range of support on offer, we can ensure that you are ready to make 2015 the year of video communications.

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