Case Study: Altura Learning

Altura Learning creates high quality, responsive and media-rich learning solutions for those working in or aspiring to work in the health and social care sectors.

Altura Learning caters to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and has recently expanded into B2C – offering the same courses to both paid care workers and the rapidly increasing unpaid carer market.

What challenges did you face before using a video management solution?

We built the full end to end solution ourselves for both Video On Demand and live streaming. This included uploading or streaming, encoding, hosting and storage, player development etc.

Viostream offered a solution that allowed us to have a single supplier who managed the whole process both for live and VOD.

What trends in your industry drove the need to use our product?

There was a need in the Aged Care Sector to be able to do online training in a video format. We delivered “live” by satellite broadcasts but needed to adopt IP live streaming to get greater reach and reduce the need of managing satellite broadcast requirements as we were expanding internationally.

We also delivered our training videos via DVD. However, we naturally made our content available on “demand” due to the increase of mobile learning and their higher levels of video engagement.

What were you looking for in a Video Management provider?

Before joining Viostream, we were involved with 10 different suppliers in order to deliver our learning content (video-based training courses). We managed both hardware and software technologies for the creation of live and VOD delivery.

We were looking for an all in one solution that could deliver both live and VOD to our international customers. A service that enabled us to offer live streaming, video on demand, the management of the storage, encoding, delivery, CDN keeping up to date with the latest tech, management of the video player, technical support. We found all of this in Viostream which now supports us in the delivery of over 1,000,000 views per year of our training videos.

Viostream delivers of over 1,000,000 views per year

What made Viostream’s solution stand out over others that you researched?

There were 3 main advantages:

  1. The local team and ability to build relationships and engage with product.
  2. Local technical support.
  3. Cost (once you factored in all the different components required to manage live + VOD).

How did you implement our solution and how did Viostream help with this implementation?

It was very easy and simple, thanks to the local support of the account manager.

How has our product helped since the implementation?

Now, we have a central solution for all our business departments. For example:

  • The Production team can load directly all the media assets
  • L&D team can review the videos’ consumption and metrics

We now have a tool that provides us with a standardised player and delivers internationally across all our delivery platforms. Resulting in over 1,000,000 video views per year.

We have migrated away from live as such and are more focused on VOD. However, Viostream helped us in the delivery of our videos across the globe.

Can you share any metrics/KPI’s that show the success you have gained with our service?

The key ones are:

  • Our number of views which is more than 1 million views
  • The number of hours of video consumed
  • and the number of assets in Viostream.

Those metrics helped us to reduce our costs significantly: ie individual management of the services, support, technical infrastructure etc.

What have you been most impressed with?

  • Development of the platform and the recent renewed focus on developing Viostream to better deliver on key requirements.
  • Ability to engage directly with product and development teams to explain our business needs directly. Viostream is continually improving and adding new technologies to their suite of products and we are often asked to contribute feedback or perform Beta testing.

What plans do you have to use Viostream differently in the future?

We have planned to continue expanding into new regions, and set up new hosting environments. The ability to leverage our existing Viostream platform while expanding, makes the process streamlined and stress free. A new feature was recently developed with us in mind - IP domain whitelisting - and we implemented this in Q1 2019. We look forward to future developments of the product so we can continue to be innovative with our video offering.

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