There are lots of elements of video marketing that are often overlooked, or undervalued. Here we break down five key feature of Viostream video marketing software that you may not be aware of.

Compiling a video that meets your specific needs is a sure-fire way to provide relevant information to your viewers. Creating tailored pre-recorded content, based on the anticipated specific needs of your audiences, can be invaluable to your business, according to a recent Forbes study.

1. Chapters.

Viostream Chapters feature allows you to add Chapters to your content.

We all remember pick-a-path paperbacks that we read as kids; Goosebumps and Choose Your Own Adventure, to name a few. What some marketers often forget is that having the ability to choose your pathway through a video is an incredibly beneficial tool for getting through to customers.

The Chapters function of Viostream’s product segments video and essentially breaks up content into bite-size pieces - perfect for consumption.

This segmentation function makes it easy for viewers to find what they’re looking for. Chapters also have in-player navigation buttons, taking users right to the section of the video that they were after.

BlahBeing able to choose your own path through a video is an asset.

2. Interactive Transcripts

Viostream interactive transcripts allow the spoken words within your video to become searchable. This means the video is instantly a highly-valuable item to any viewer who wishes to scan the video like a document.

3. Video to Text

Viostream has a text feature that creates transcript and caption files for video content.

Content is instantly more usable with captions. This is because it is more accessible and less intrusive, for watching in an open plan office, for example, or on a bus or plane. This is also beneficial to those who may be hearing impaired.

A Call to Action is a great way to address viewers directly.A Call to Action is a great way to address viewers directly.

4. Call to Action

Viocorp’s Call to Action function allows for clickable text and image overlays, which enables you to engage with your audience by initiating an interaction with your video.

As a producer, you’re able to place clickable images and text at moments when you most want to engage your audience. These pictures and text then prompt your viewer to take an action, within the video itself.

The Call to Action function is a powerful selling and engagement tool.

Video marketing that meets your specific needs.Video marketing that meets your specific needs.

5. Slides

Our Slides function allows you to add synchronised PowerPoint to your video. To create engaging webcasts just upload the PowerPoint deck and match the slides with your active or recorded video content.

Every business wants to be able to customise and brand a webcast, and that is exactly what Viostream’s visual editor does, so you’re able to publish the interactive features you want and personalise the content for your specific audience.

6.  Social

Viostream software can make sure your video content is always socially active.

Recently, in a Forbes study on social trends, researchers spoke with Brian Solis, who is the principal analyst at Altimeter Group, and Terry Frazier, research director at IDC, to look at technology trends in customer engagement.

What came across most is that to engage with viewers, a message must be “mobile, social, real-time”.

Brian Solis went on to explain that the issue was one that primarily worked from the outside in - meaning that customers are the driving force behind market trends.

“Every consumer, practically, has a mobile phone. Many of them are on social media. Everyone is using apps and has access to the Internet. We live in a real-time world that is quickly evolving into an on-demand economy,” said Solis.

This is exactly why Viostream has such a focus on social. To maximise engagement Viostream has inbuilt viewer commenting as well as integration with social mechanisms such as Yammer. This allows real-time viewer interaction and audience engagement.