Thursday 13th October, Sydney, Australia.

Viostream today announces the appointment of former AWS and Microsoft executive, Neil Jackson, as CEO and a new name that better communicates the company’s profile as leaders and disruptors in corporate video streaming.

As part of this strategic new direction, Viostream is expanding its client base into new markets globally and enhancing its focus on client success as a key differentiator, ensuring that clients get an unrivalled service to match the quality technology platform that Viostream provides.

The company’s vision is to simplify the sourcing, management and distribution of video to empower organisations to engage their employees, customers and stakeholders as never before.

Viostream’s new CEO, Mr Neil Jackson, said the company has undergone a brand refresh to support their new direction. The company has undertaken a change of name from Viocorp to Viostream, as well as a new visual identity to mark the company’s evolution from a start-up to an established business technology partner with a growing global presence.

“As an established video platform since 2002, formerly known as Viocorp, and now officially trading as Viostream, the company has continually evolved with product innovations designed to take video to the next level in corporate use,” said Mr Jackson.

Neil Jackson joined Viostream from AWS, where he was the Education sector lead for ANZ. Prior to this, he was the APAC Senior Director for Microsoft, based in Singapore.

For more than 10 years, the team at Viostream in Australia have carved out a reputation as experts in video solutions -but demand for Viostream’s unrivalled services is now coming from new corners.

“We’re now the video streaming partner for major international brands, with reach into the United States, India, South Africa and the UK,said Mr Jackson.

“There are few cloud technology companies in Australia that have achieved this level of global success. I’m delighted to come on board to lead the team at such an exciting time of growth and change.”   

In today’s digitally complex world, video is a key channel to ‘cut through the noise’ and deliver measurable outcomes. Viostream’s enterprise-grade cloud video platform enables streamlined communication and deeper engagement with stakeholders including employees, customers and the market. “We deliver video solutions for our customers to influence, motivate and inspire – and turn those video views into measurable business outcomes, said Mr Jackson”