Thursday 15th October, Sydney, Australia. Viocorp today announced a new initiative at a government event in Canberra, as part of a movement to redefine the government’s digital user experience. Viocorp will join the government’s WCAG 2.0 accessibility initiative and has pledged to donate 1000 minutes of video caption conversion to the cause.

This announcement is timely given the gaps in Australia’s digital user model. It has long been a concern that government web content is inaccessible to people with a disability—approximately 20% of the Australian population.

Audience consumption of government multimedia content is in line with entertainment and media content, which is often on mobile devices, watched in environments where it may not be possible to hear the audio such as public transport or offices, and by viewers who have English as a second language. A related benefit of captioning video content is that it becomes usable in these circumstances and makes the content able to be used in text based web searches.

CEO Greg Miner says this new partnership will advance the accessibility of government video content in Australia, “With the shift towards video as a principal communications tool of the digitally focussed public sector, we are delighted to be playing a critical role in ensuring the accessibility of all government video and web content. We look forward to creating a more user-friendly web environment that fully engages all Australian people while at the same time driving the country’s digital competitiveness.”

The WCAG 2.0 initiative will also promote the innovative video to text conversation capability in Viostream, Viocorp’s enterprise video platform. 1000 minutes of captions will be donated to Viocorp clients, charities and NGOs over the coming year. This means an additional 16 and a half hours of video content will be made accessible to people with a disability such as a hearing impediment, be viewable in noisy or public environments, and be findable in web searches.

Today’s event in Canberra will investigate how the government can improve its digital performance and effectiveness. It features government representatives such as Dan Searle, Chief Strategic Advisor, Australian Gov. Digital Transformation Office. Topical issues will be addressed, such as using live streaming to enable interaction and participation on a national scale and using video to drive audience engagement and comprehension.

Viocorp’s commitment to WCAG 2.0 is the latest strategic move towards advancing video solutions for Government and enterprise across Australia. By pledging to the initiative, Viocorp aims to bridge accessibility gaps for digital users and enhance the value of video across internal and corporate communication. ~ ENDs

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