How do you connect with the newest generation of workers? Millennials and their neighbours, Generation Z, are both now present, active players in the workforce; and they both have a very different set of communicative requirements from their predecessors Generation X and, of course, baby boomers.

As a marketing resource, video offers companies and managers a direct way to connect with customers and future employees - but it can be particularly effective when it comes to connecting with Generation Z and millennials.

Generation Z

According to a recent Defy Media report called ‘Youth Video Diet’, 85 per cent of the 13–24 year old members of Generation Z claimed to watch YouTube more than any other form of video.

The study also found that video was important to this generational bracket for a number of reasons. The main reasons that were outlined as educational, stress-relieving, and connectivity, with members of this generation spending an average of 5.9 hours per week watching social video.

The fact that Generation Z is able to identify and understand its own preferred modes for learning, and be reflexive upon these reasons, is an important factor for businesses to consider. This is clearly a generation that understands its own ways, and will therefore be more receptive to environments that create and instil a relatable culture into the workplace.


A great deal of market research has been conducted on millennials because of their perceived purchasing power and technological familiarity.

A recent ‘Animoto Online and Social Video Marketing’ study showed that when it comes to millennials, 80 per cent consider video content when researching a purchase decision, and that 60 per cent of millennials prefer to watch a company video over reading a company newsletter.

Considering this compelling information, could your company benefit from embedded video on your intranet over a more traditional company newsletter? A great way to connect with a millennial workforce is by using a cloud-based platform for video that facilitates and encourages staff generated content.

Why video communication is essential

Embedded video, both intranet or internal network to desktop, improves employee communication and engagement by empowering your workforce with content that is engaging and relevant.

Viocorp’s corporate online video platform aims to increase employee engagement by making use of cutting edge technology, bringing cloud video solutions to businesses who want to be relevant and engaged with with their workers.

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