Viostream Packages

Viostream is an end-to-end video solution that simplifies the sourcing, hosting and management of streaming video securely in the cloud.

Engage audiences inside or outside your corporate network with searchable, interactive content, scalable video delivery and compliant security features.

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Video on Demand

Per user (AUD)

  • Control who can see your content and track their viewing
  • Authenticate viewers with their corporate network credentials (SSO)
  • Customise and publish video galleries and playlists
  • Make the dialogue in your videos searchable with interactive transcripts
  • Add clickable in-video links
  • Video chapters to make longer videos user friendly
  • Analytics dashboard for intelligent audience insight
  • Unlimited secure video storage and bandwidth
  • 1:1 tech and account support
30 Days Free Trial

Video on Demand + Live

Per user (AUD)

Everything you get in Viostream TEAM package plus:
  • Unlimited live video streaming
  • Manage live events with Event Director function
  • Design and publish your own live event site
  • Interactive Q&A module with audience voting, polls & surveys
  • Synchronise PowerPoint slides with your presentation
  • Mobile live encoder, just plug your camera in
  • 1:1 support for successful live events
30 Days Free Trial

Custom Package

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Enterprise grade solution designed for the integration, security & scale requirements of large organisations:
  • Integrate with portals like SharePoint, Yammer or Learning Management System
  • Multiple sub-accounts for internal departments
  • Automate recording and storage of video or web conf sessions
  • Developer API for flexible integrations
  • Support large-scale streaming on corporate network with intelligent video distribution
  • 24/7 Premium Plus Support
Limited Free Trial

Use cases


Capture, Manage &
Share Video Securely

Easily source video from almost any device, and securely share it through your intranet, website, email, enterprise social or learning management system.

You can publish a playlist of videos or an entire video gallery, and add video chapters, clickable links and searchable video transcripts for viewer interaction.


Live stream with
viewer interaction

Set up your own live stream event page and secure your content to an internal audience with embed security or password protection.

Add synchronised slides and online Q&A to drive audience engagement and use Viostream’s efficient video delivery options to minimise impact on your network.


Secure, Integrated, Scalable video streaming

Scalability and performance to support integrations with key enterprise applications and large-scale video delivery on the corporate network.

Backed by 24-7 support, Viostream Enterprise unlocks the power of live and recorded video streaming with flexible video ingest and on-network caching and distribution for large scale video streaming with minimal impact to your network.

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People can relate, they get engaged.

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We’re doing all we can to maximise the experiential impact by using the online streaming platform to reach as many of the hearts and minds as we can


Viostream has been a great partner… and we’re getting fantastic feedback


How is Viostream delivered?

Viostream is a cloud application delivered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. There is no software to download or infrastructure to invest in. Viostream’s development and infrastructure team deploy updates, enhancements and code refreshes on a monthly basis which benefit all Viostream customers.

How does the per user pricing model work?

The user pricing model applies to the size of your active internal audience. So, if you have a department of 1,500 people who you want to be able to use Viostream then your cost would be that number of people times the monthly user price. Based on a sliding scale, the cost per user decreases with larger volumes of people.

What are the standard contract terms?

The standard contract term is 12 months with monthly, quarterly or annual billing. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Viostream licence at any time with 30 days notice.

What is the fair usage policy?

We include unlimited streaming bandwidth and video storage for the number of users you have licensed so that you don’t need to worry about variable costs or be financially penalised for video becoming a more successful business tool.

To protect Viostream from any potential abuse of this model, we calculate a fair use for the given number of users and add some headroom to accommodate for spikes in usage. If you go above this fair usage limit your account manager will work with you to see if you need to upgrade your package or if there are other reasons for the breach.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Absolutely, we recognise that many customers are on a video journey so you can start with VOD, add LIVE at any point and even upgrade to Enterprise at any point. You can add more users at any time, and if you need to reduce the number of users you can do so at the time of contract renewal.

What other costs do I need to factor in?

Viostream is an all-inclusive solution that covers the application, technical support and consumption based data (storage and bandwidth) so you have a stable, predictable cost to budget for.

Extensions to Viostream for large scale on-network distribution can typically add 25-40% of the annual costs but these are generally only required for large scale live delivery or organisations that have security requirements that dictate the video must never leave the corporate network.

Viostream’s network streaming team offers professional services to identify the most effective way to deliver video on your network, working with your infrastructure team to implement a scalable, reliable approach to managing large scale streaming across internal networks.

What kind of account support do I get?

Every Viostream customer has access to our client services team, who work hand in hand with you to help you get set-up and to provide support and advice to ensure you get value from the platform.