Drive audience engagement with integrated video

Viostream video-enables your web CMS or intranet platform to make it easy to incorporate rich, interactive video content in your internal or external sites.

Viostream provides a seamless streaming video experience for common web CMS platforms such as Sitecore, Drupal, Ektron, WordPress, SharePoint, Adobe CQ5 / Experience Manager and Squiz Matrix.

Viostream’s flexible publishing options make video publishing easy with simple script or iFrame embed, distribution API or native connectors.

Flexible publishing

Through a supported Viostream connector or using our CMS API, you can easily integrate video upload, search and publish capability.

Videos can be uploaded directly from the CMS for ingest to Viostream using the upload widget, where they’re transcoded and prepared for online viewing. Viostream players can be embedded in any HTML page using a single line script or iFrame for streaming on any device, and Viostream’s distribution API enables integration with any application.

Native integration is available for Adobe Experience Manager and Squiz Matrix using a Viostream connector, giving admins the ability to upload and publish videos or to search through your library of content for publication.

Flexible Publishing

Adobe Experience Manager Video Component

Adobe Experience Manager Video Component

The Viostream video component allows customers to seamlessly upload videos from their desktop or add videos from their Viostream account onto an AEM page, all managed natively from within the AEM interface.

Once installed simply load the page you want to edit, open the component menu and drag a Viostream video component onto an AEM page. Then select the Edit icon on the page where the component was dropped, to see the Viostream options available.

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