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Seamlessly create captions and transcripts

Making your video easy for viewers to consume in areas where it isn’t convenient to have sound on, such as public transport or an open plan office, makes your content exponentially more usable, and it’s a key requirement to meet web accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

Viostream’s new video to text service makes it easy to create caption and transcript files for your video content. This service enables a seamless workflow to create professional timed caption and transcript files for your content natively in the Viostream console.

Your captions can be turned on by the viewer in the player, or used in Viostream’s interactive transcript functionality to make the words in your video content searchable.

Key Benefits

  • Make your videos accessible to viewers in noisy environments
  • Achieve WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Streamline your video workflow by clicking a button to create caption and transcript files
  • Receive professionally created and edited video caption and transcripts in 48 hours

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