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Launch your own Corporate Tube

Launch your own branded video gallery to create a powerful and interactive video experience for your audience.

Choose from a collection of pre-built templates, add your branding and desired functionality and you’re ready to launch. Viostream video portals are fully responsive, so whether your audience is viewing from their desktop or mobile device they will always have a first-class user experience.

Key Benefits

  • Showcase your videos in a branded video gallery or channel
  • Make your content discoverable through channels, media tags and free text search
  • Create multiple portals for different uses – training, marketing, customer service, internal communications
  • Publish secure galleries with access through user registration or integration with your active directory
  • Capture viewer details easily, enabling registration with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn logins
  • Promote social interaction with comments, rating, sharing and most popular content

Secure Galleries

Publish secure video galleries to share internal or corporate communications with authorised employees, partners or customer groups.

Galleries can be locked down with user registration, and authenticated against your Active Directory to manage access seamlessly for staff.

Restrict access to approved IP addresses or embed galleries into secure intranet sites safe in the knowledge they can’t be shared externally.

Secure Galleries

Consumer-grade UX, Enterprise-grade application

Consumer-grade UX, Enterprise-grade application

Viostream video galleries combine the design quality, usability and viewing experience your stakeholders expect from YouTube and Netflix, with the security and control that corporate IT demands.

Starting with best-of-breed templates, Viostream’s sites editor allows you to quickly customise a video gallery with your branding, add channels of content and select what features you want, such as viewer comments or rating.

Published video portals can be standalone or integrated seamlessly into your existing intranet or website, adding a YouTube like experience within your site.

Viewer Interaction

In a Viostream video gallery viewers can browse your video content by channel or tag, find popular or highly rated content based on audience feedback, and search by keyword.

Commenting, rating and sharing enable social interactivity, with moderation capability to manage contributions for appropriateness.

In-video calls to action ensure you can turn video views into business outcomes.

Viewer Interaction

Audience Analytics

Audience analytics

Galleries are a convenient way to group your rich media content for your audience, and Viostream’s intelligent analytics give unparalleled insight into how they interact.

Find out what channels and what videos are resonating, and track engagement rates of your content to understand how effectively the message is getting through.

User-level tracking, where you can report on what content a registered viewer has watched and whether they have viewed the video to completion, transforms video galleries into valuable compliance and training tools.

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