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Upload and share videos from any device

Give your employees a voice by creating and sharing video content for knowledge transfer, training and corporate culture development.

Maximise employee engagement with video, supported by secure workflows and content restriction to give your organisation communication freedom without risk.

Viostream’s user generated content module allows video content to be recorded and uploaded by customers and employees using smartphones, tablets or computers. It really is that easy.

You distribute your own HTML branded upload page, they record their video and you have the option to moderate what goes live and what doesn’t.

Key Benefits

  • Turn your staff and customers into contributors by uploading User Generated Content from any device, anywhere
  • Users upload from simple HTML upload form customised to your brand
  • Optional moderation workflow to approve content uploaded by your audience
  • Rapidly upload from device and share link to the online video immediately

Moderating user generated content

Sourcing video created by your staff or customers can be a cost-effective way to engage with your stakeholders and build your rich media resources.

Viostream’s built-in UGC moderation workflow gives you the option to require submitted videos to be approved by a Viostream administrator before they appear in your media assets for you to manage and publish.

To give your contributors the ability to record and share video in real-time without the need for approval, moderation can be disabled enabling rapid dissemination of user generated content to your desired channels.

Moderating User Generated Content

How to film great video content with mobile and tablets

How to film great video content with mobile and tablets

User Generated Content can be a fantastic way to unlock the knowledge base in your organisation and to encourage the sharing of information.

If the quality is poor or a viewer can’t hear or see the content properly you’ve got a good chance of losing your audience.

Watch this short video to understand the 3 secrets to capturing great quality video content from your mobile phone or tablet.

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