Active Directory authentication

Viostream’s Single Sign-On supports integration with your internal corporate directory so you can control who gets to view what videos across your organisation, without the need for additional usernames and passwords.

Key Benefits

  • Provide seamless, secure access to your videos and video galleries for employees
  • Control who gets to see what content based on your own internal groups
  • Seamless user workflow using existing corporate login credentials
  • Freedom to access content from any device, anywhere
  • SAML & SSL Active Directory Federation Services

Single Sign-On

Viewer access to Viostream media and video galleries is controlled by using the SAML 2.0 protocol for SSO user authentication.

Allows for secure LDAP, Active Directory or SQL database user authentication.

Based on industry standard protocols (SAML & SSL), Viostream enforces strong authentication policies using PKI certificates, and Mobile OTP or third-party authentication vendors.

Single Sign-On

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