Make your video content socially active

Viostream’s in-built viewer commenting or integration with enterprise social tools such as Yammer enable real-time audience interaction to maximise engagement.

Live chat, Q&A, polling or Twitter feeds can accompany your video content to facilitate real-time audience engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Encourage social interaction with your video content, making it easy for viewers to post comments or questions
  • Maximise viewer engagement of your live streams with real-time online Q&A or Twitter feed
  • Integrate video with your internal social or external social media channels
  • One-touch platform to syndicate your video content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Yammer

Social Syndication

Viostream’s social connectors enable one-touch syndication of your videos across all popular social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Social Syndication

Social Syndication

Yammer Video Component

Integrate Yammer comments into your Viostream video gallery or webcast template with our seamless plug-in.

Maximise viewer engagement and adoption of your enterprise social platform by giving viewers of your live or on-demand video content the ability to comment and ask questions in real-time with their Yammer logins.

Publishers can syndicate video content with one touch to Yammer groups using Viostream’s in-built connector.

Next Steps

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