Add synchronised PowerPoint to your video

Upload a PowerPoint deck and synchronise the slides with your live or recorded video content to create engaging webcasts.

Viostream’s intuitive user interface makes it quick and simple to choose the points in your video to insert your slides and adjust the timings. Viostream’s sites module gives you a visual editor to customise and brand a webcast interface so you can publish interactive webcasts with the viewer access and interactivity features you want.

Key Benefits

  • Simply create interactive webcasts with video and synchronised PowerPoint slides
  • Adjust slide timings and with an intuitive, visual interface that is easy to use for non-technical users
  • Publish your webcast in a branded interface
  • Give on-demand viewers the ability to jump straight to the right slide in the presentation
  • Turn on PowerPoint download to assist dissemination of content

Next Steps

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