Complete control of your video content

Viostream’s best of breed security features are designed to ensure content storage and distribution is in line with your corporate security policies.

From media encryption and time-based URL signing keys to Single Sign-On Active Directory Federation Services, we ensure that you have full control over who gets to see your content and protect you from unwanted sharing or malicious interference.

Key Benefits

  • Control who can view your content by requiring viewer registration
  • Ensure seamless access for employees through Single Sign-on integration with your corporate directory
  • Lock your video down to authorised sites or your own offices only, and prevent unwanted sharing
  • Secure streaming to prevent 3rd party interception or download of your video content

Viewer Access Control

User Registration: Registered users must log in with a valid username and password to access content.

SSO (Single Sign-on): Viewer access is controlled by using the SAML 2.0 protocol for SSO user authentication allowing for secure LDAP, Active Directory or SQL database user authentication.

Social Sign-In: Viewers can use their LinkedIn, Twitter or Google logins to register for access.

Viewer Access Control

Secure Streaming

Secure Streaming

Encrypted Streaming: Prevents man-in-the-middle access to the stream using encryption by delivering the stream over SSL (HTTPS).

Adaptive Streaming: Adaptive streaming (HLS/HDS) breaks the source video file up into multiple short chunks across varying bit rates, so the source video file cannot be downloaded by the viewer.

Prevent Unwanted Sharing

URL / Domain Restriction: Prevents player from being embedded in unauthorised domains through a domain whitelist. If someone copies the player embed code, the player will not render and playback will be prevented.

URL Signing: Allows a secured asset to be played for only 2 hours, after which, it expires.

IP Restriction: IP Restriction prevents access to a site or media asset from any IP address outside a specified whitelisted range. Multiple restriction profiles can be configured and individually applied to specific sites or assets.

Prevent Unwanted Sharing

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