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Scalable delivery on the corporate network

Streaming live video or large amounts of simultaneous on-demand video content across an internal network can have a profound impact on bandwidth, especially for networks with a high concentration of viewers at end-points across global office locations.

The Viostream platform overcomes this challenge, with efficient video distribution on the corporate network and flexible delivery options that help you generate ROI from existing network infrastructure, rather than requiring investment in a dedicated video network across your sites.

Viostream’s internal streaming options leverage your existing investment in WAN infrastructure, eCDN, streaming servers or P2P media distribution to provide remote sites with quality, reliable viewing of live and on-demand video utilising intelligent policy based traffic and bitrate control for predictable levels of performance.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient video distribution, to make 1,000 viewers have the impact of 1
  • Flexible delivery options to suit any network
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure, no need for proprietary boxes
  • Control bandwidth usage on the corporate network while maintaining end user experience
  • Access experienced network streaming technicians to support integration and management

WAN Optimisation

Most corporate networks have invested in some form of WAN optimisation appliances (e.g. Riverbed) to maximise the efficiency of data flow and speed of access to critical applications across a wide area network.

Viostream leverages the stream splitting and object caching ability to serve a single live stream to multiple users, maintaining a single connection to the media server and minimising bandwidth utilisation.

Live and on-demand video (VOD) is cached on an appliance near the users (in the branch office), providing a smooth viewing experience without buffering but ensuring that streaming content does not congest the WAN and interfere with business-critical applications.

Media Servers

Media Servers

eCDN or on-premise media servers provide dedicated software and/or hardware to support media streaming on the network.

Viostream outputs can be distributed across your existing eCDN or media servers, with bitrates optimised for your specific network landscape.

Media servers can be configured as physical or virtual machines to suit your network requirements and budget.

P2P Streaming

P2P streaming applications are designed to redistribute video streams in real time on a network, with each viewer essentially acting as a re-broadcaster.

The distributed video streams allow scalable distribution among a large internal audience with no incremental cost and no infrastructure requirement.Peer-based streaming technology utilises existing hardware infrastructure, such as workstations and end-user devices, to create a dynamic peer-assisted distribution network.

A desktop client is installed on each client machine which acts as a transparent HTTP.

P2P Streaming

Network Streaming Services

Network Streaming Services

Partnering with you to solve complex video distribution challenges across the corporate network, Viocorp’s network streaming team offers professional services to identify the most effective way to manage this impact, working with your infrastructure team to implement a scalable, reliable approach to managing video streaming across internal networks.

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