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Broadcast live & interactive video

Engage your audience with the power of live streaming.

With Viostream’s Live module you can broadcast your event live to an audience on any device, anywhere in the world. Create and publish your own branded webcast interface and add viewer registration for lead capture or authentication. Add synchronised slides, Q&A or online chat to drive audience engagement and use Viostream’s syndication and sharing functions to maximise reach.

Key Benefits

  • Complete workflow to stream live video to an almost unlimited audience, anywhere in the world
  • Adaptive streaming for optimal viewing on device or bandwidth connection
  • Use your own encoder or Viocorp’s self-contained, portable live encoder
  • Direct access to the most capable live streaming production team in the world
  • Full suite of viewer engagement tools including synchronised PowerPoint slides and online comments

An awesome viewer experience

Viostream’s global content delivery infrastructure and adaptive bitrate streaming means your audience can tune in on any device, anywhere in the world.

Our intelligent player identifies the viewer’s device and available bandwidth and selects the optimum format – so whether they’re watching an HD broadcast in a presentation room or a 3G stream on a mobile they’re assured of a seamless viewing experience with more engagement and less buffering.

An awesome viewer experience

Broadcast live from anywhere

Broadcast live from anywhere

Viostream LiveBox makes it easy to deliver professional quality live streams of your presentations, events or conferences from just about anywhere.

LiveBox is a portable encoder, enabling you to plug in a video camera, hit “Go”, and push out a live stream using the built-in bonded 3G/4G wireless modems.

LiveBox automatically makes a connection with Viostream using multiple wireless networks, so there’s no need to rely on venue connectivity and the live uplink does not need to travel across your corporate network.

End-to-end live event support

Viocorp’s live broadcast team are on hand to share best-practice in planning and delivering successful live streams, to make sure your event is flawless.

For peace of mind, the Viostream broadcast support team are on hand to support your live event, with full remote access to help troubleshoot any issues in real-time so you can focus on delivering an outstanding experience for your viewers.

End-to-end live event support

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