Call To ActionCall To Action

Clickable text or image overlays

Viostream’s call to action feature enables you to engage with your audience by triggering an interaction at any point in your video.

Clickable images or text are placed at moments when you want to engage your audience and prompt them to take an action – directly in the video player.

Key Benefits

  • Easily publish a range of calls-to-action without design or development assistance
  • Trigger viewer interaction to convert views into business outcomes
  • Push text, images, custom buttons or any HTML link to viewers at any point in the video
  • Create personalised, “choose your own adventure’ viewing experiences
  • Gain immediate feedback from viewers on their preferred course of action – such as buy now, download a brochure or watch another video

Clickable text or image overlays

Viostream’s calls to action functionality is easy to use and and doesn’t require any web development or video production capability.

Simply upload the image or enter the text you want to appear in the video, add a link and select the time and position in the video you want it to appear. It’s that easy.

Call to Action

Personal video journey

Personal video journeys

Create a navigable experience, giving viewers the power to control and personalise their path through the video.

Enable video branching, empowering the viewer to create their own journey.

Provide content, CTAs and HTML links that are best suited to the viewer’s needs, enabling them to self-select.

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