Track media and viewer activity

Viostream’s reporting and analytics provide you with deep insight into the performance of your video content, the viewing behaviour of your audience and the engagement achieved.

Using this data you can make informed decisions when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your video content and achieving maximum ROI.

Key Benefits

  • Understand who is watching your content, and how they are consuming it
  • Gain insight to viewer engagement and the most common viewer abandonment points
  • Understand what words or phrases are resonating most with your audience
  • Determine ROI from your video content

Viostream’s reporting metrics

Media Loads: How many times a video loads on a web page.

Plays: How many times someone has pressed play and watched your video content.

Play Rate: Play rate is the ratio of times the video is played versus how many times it loads. This percentage helps you to gain insight into the effectiveness of your video content. For example a low play rate tells you your video is appearing regularly on your site, but not attracting people to actually press play.

Average Watch Time: The average duration a viewer watches your video for.

Viostream's Reporting Metrics

Media Engagement Chart

Media engagement chart

You can get a more holistic picture of audience engagement with Viostream’s media engagement chart. Displaying more than just ‘drop off points’, you can map the entire engagement journey to understand at what point viewers skip forward in your video (scrub), or any points they rewind and watch again.

When using Viostream’s chaptering or interactive transcript features you can understand what words or sections of your videos are really engaging your audience.

Live streaming reporting dashboard

Viostream’s live reporting dashboard gives you tools to analyse your live stream data to better understand success. You can see how many people are watching at any point in time, as well as maximum concurrent viewers. Average viewer duration and bit-rate help you build a picture of your audience, and you can select specific dates to get time based reporting.

Live Streaming Reporting Dashboard

Player Reporting

Player reporting

This capability allows you to drill down into data behind individual players to compare success. You can get an overview of the views for that player, and you can go deeper to find out which embed domains are producing the most plays.

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