How are Australian comms teams currently using video?

84% of respondents are currently using video for marketing, with only 56% using video for internal communications. 62% of organisations said they are using video for more than one purpose. This means that 38% of organisations still have a long way to go in adopting online video across all their digital channels.

Integration, integration, integration!

Connecting video seamlessly into your existing systems and infrastructure is one of the key strategic priorities you requested.

It is not surprising that automation platforms – the fastest growing marketing technology – came out on top. It’s clear that you see value in incorporating video into the personalised buyer journeys and content marketing programs that these solutions enable.

  1. Marketing automation platform (e.g. ExactTarget, Marketo)
  2. CRM (e.g.
  3. CMS (e.g. Adobe CQ5, Eloqua, SharePoint)

On the back of the SharePoint connector for Viostream which we rolled out this year, we’ll be announcing some exciting new plug-ins in 2015. These will make it even easier to video enable your existing technology.

What is the ROI of online video?

81% of organisations believe that video is having a significant or great impact on their communication strategy or business effectiveness.

Despite the ROI that video marketers have confirmed, there remain some challenges in taking their video strategy to the next level.

Budget was clearly cited as the biggest barrier to using video more extensively. We see this as a great opportunity to assist our clients by developing more cost effective content creation solutions. We rolled out a Viostream User Generated Content module (UGC) last year and have some exciting initiatives in the pipeline to make it cheaper and easier to produce professional content anywhere in the world.

The second biggest issue was lack of a clear online video strategy. We’ve taken this on board and are rolling out a series of Video Insight workshops this year. These will help you extract ideas from some of the leaders in the world of SEO, online marketing, e-commerce and communication strategy.

Building a business case

During the Video Insights Forum we discovered that a common challenge amongst video champions was convincing other internal stakeholders of the benefits and importance of using video in their online strategy. That’s why we created a “building the business case” infographic to help give you the facts and figures you need to get the message across. Download the infographic to help support your own business case.

Santa won’t you bring me….

Let’s look ahead at what the hopes and priorities are for businesses using video in 2015. In order of popularity, this is what video marketers and comms professionals are hoping for in the year ahead:

  1. Create content more easily and cost effectively
  2. Maximise the reach of video content to drive awareness and views
  3. Implement in-video calls to action to convert viewers into customers

You told us what was important to you and we’ve listened. Be prepared to see more innovations in 2015 to help you maximise the impact of video in your digital communications.

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