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TEDx: The Tech Support of CIOs

The role of a CIO today would be barely recognisable to someone in the position a decade ago as technologies such as cloud computing have radically altered day to day operations.

TEDx chooses Viostream

TEDxSydney 2017 will be the biggest in the event's history, with a move to the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Australian Government announces boycott of YouTube

The fallout from the inappropriate content scandal that is engulfing YouTube has now spread to Australia, with local brands including Holden, Foxtel and Telstra pulling all advertising content from the video platform.

End of financial year offer

Manage and publish your video content securely with Viostream, the video platform designed around the needs of Australian Government organisations.

Internal Comms Video Benchmark Survey

Viostream conducted a real-time survey to gain insight into the ways Australian organisations are using streaming video to drive employee engagement, and the results were completely unexpected. There is a spectrum of communication capabilities emerging in Australia when it comes to internal video streaming. At one end of the scale organisations have large, established video libraries, they are connecting with all staff through live streaming internal events and they have

The Role of Video in Digital Government: 5th April

Featuring communication, technology and video experts from Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and TEDx  (+more), join us on April 5 to learn how online video can drive stakeholder engagement and service delivery in digital government. On-point topics include live streaming, animation, video accessibility and innovative ways to create video content scalably and more cost-effectively. Click here to view the Event site Who should attend? Government IT, communication and

How to successfully live stream your next corporate event

By Nick Whitehead, Head of Marketing, Viostream Live streaming a corporate event is a great opportunity to reach a broad audience. For your marketing and communications departments, the chance to generate huge audience engagement and social interaction in real time sounds like an obvious win. But when everything happens live, pulling it off smoothly can be a challenge. Picture this: your spokesperson steps on stage to discover his slideshow doesn’t