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How to successfully live stream your next corporate event

By Nick Whitehead, Head of Marketing, Viostream Live streaming a corporate event is a great opportunity to reach a broad audience. For your marketing and communications departments, the chance to generate huge audience engagement and social interaction in real time sounds like an obvious win. But when everything happens live, pulling it off smoothly can be a challenge. Picture this: your spokesperson steps on stage to discover his slideshow doesn’t

Viostream announces new CEO and corporate brand

Viostream today confirms the appointment of former AWS and Microsoft executive Neil Jackson as CEO and announces their new strategic business direction, which will see the company continue to evolve as the leaders in corporate video streaming.

What your internal presentations need to learn from TED Talks

By Nick Whitehead TED talks are a cultural phenomenon. A conference originally focused squarely on technology, entertainment and design (TED) has become an entire industry built on the value of ideas. With two million TED talks streamed a day, its influence is inescapable – many of your colleagues have likely attended a TEDx event, watched a talk online or subscribed to one of the many TED podcasts. These talks have