When Remo Giuffre, the founder of TEDx Sydney, steps onto the stage of the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House tomorrow morning he will be watched by not only the 2,300 people on seats in front of him, but by 10,000 more at 200 satellite venue and over 30,000 watching from their phones, tablets or desktops around the world.

The advantage that people watching on their devices will have is the ability to tag moments of inspiration from the 24 speakers and performances that are then bookmarked for future viewing. And in the TED Talks spirit of “Ideas worth spreading”, viewers can share those tags in real-time vie SMS, email or across their social networks.

Remo Giuffre shares his thoughts on why live streaming has been so instrumental in the success of TEDxSydney.

“It’s really an honour for Viocorp to be selected by TEDx as their trusted video partner. Seeing our Viostream platform in action to live stream such engaging content and ideas across the world is really uplifting,” says CEO Greg Miner. “There is fantastic spirit and energy around sharing new ideas and always innovating. This resonates strongly with Viocorp’s brand and is an excellent fit.”

Viocorp’s cloud-based SaaS streaming platform provides enterprise-grade performance to deliver engaging viewing across web, mobile and social digital channels on any screen. The tag and share innovation in the TEDx stream is part of a suite of innovations including searchable dialogue that makes video more relevant and valuable for business communications.

“There’s something exciting about the ‘live moment’, the day that it’s happening at the time that it’s happening. Live streaming has always been an important part of our strategy,” says TEDx Sydney Founder & Licensee Remo Giuffre.

Watch Live from 9am AEST at TEDxSydney.com/Live or on the TEDx Sydney app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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