From a product launch to a conference, any speaking event where your staff and expertise are on display is also a chance to increase the reach of your message.

In recent years, corporate events and presentations have become more important than ever. Product launches from major tech companies like Apple and Samsung are often headline news, beamed around the world, both live and then streamed later on.

While your next event might be a little more low key than these, there is no reason not to assume there is an audience out there who would be interested in seeing your brand in action. In this situation, live streaming is a simple strategy that can help your organisation tap into a rapidly growing potential audience.

Live streaming video is a rapidly growing medium and is seeing substantial growth. According to the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report from the final quarter of 2014, live viewing of events grew by 297 per cent that year.

So is it time to live stream your next event? Here’s a checklist that can help you make this decision:

Does your company have a dispersed workforce?

Live streaming is great for internal communications, especially if staff are spread over a number of different sites or countries and cannot attend an event in person.

Are you looking for interactive engagement during an event?

One of the greatest advantages of a live stream is it gives viewers the opportunity to comment on an event or ask questions to the presenter in real time. Just as a panel might take questions from the audience, a live-streamed event can take questions through a comments section or online Q&A. If you simply posted a video recording after the event, you will have missed an opportunity to interact with and engage your audience.

It’s also important to remember that a live stream doesn’t have to end once the event is over. That same content can be repurposed and put to use as on-demand video, giving it a further life beyond that one event.

To learn more about how live streaming can be put to use in your organisation, make sure to contact us today. Our software and expertise make it easy to live stream your next event, with a highly accessible video streaming platform that makes it easy for viewers to follow a business presentation.

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