The influence of online video communication for organisations is hard to ignore, with research indicating there’s one area in particular where this content is having the biggest impact.

While many businesses are already aware of the role online video can play in their internal communications, others are embracing it as a marketing tool. This is due in part to the increase in mobile video viewing, with Invodo finding that 92 per cent of viewers on these devices regularly share content.

This sharing culture is perfect for marketing video content. If it can gain traction with an online community it could organically increase the range of your content and expose your goods and services to new audiences.

Plan your attack

It’s important to prepare a strategy for video content that’s created for marketing purposes. This can include everything from choosing a desired tone and style to selecting the relevant demographics you want content to appeal to.

On top of this, it’s also essential to be confident in your motivations and the overall purpose of the content. According to market research firm Ascend2, there is a selection of key objectives that frequently define video marketing campaigns.

Unsurprisingly, the firm discovered that the most common goal for these videos is to increase brand awareness, a feat that is easily achieved thanks to the shareability of videos.

Don’t be afraid to educate your consumers

There are a number of different approaches to the type of content you can create. Online video marketing can go beyond traditional advertising procedures, allowing for a more flexible experience. In the same way consumers can watch the content where and when they want, organisations can create content to a length that suits them and release it at the most opportune moment.

Ascend2 also recognised the way other companies are embracing this potential. According to its report, 43 per cent are using online video to achieve these goals, making it the third most popular reason for introducing a video marketing strategy.

Measure your results

Even the best video marketing campaign is useless without measuring the results. Whether it’s through number of views, total shares, conversions or drop-off rates, businesses have a range of tools to ensure their campaigns are having the desired effect.

This is especially important when trying out new types of video. According to Ooyala, long-form video (more than 10 minutes long) is growing in popularity. However, it’s essential to track drop-off rates in these experiments to ensure viewers are watching enough to receive the intended messages.

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