It’s easy to get excited when you first start launching your video content and narrow your focus on what defines a successful campaign. While sheer view count is important, this can be little bit superficial and often doesn’t reveal the full story of a video’s release. In fact, views are merely the start of the tale. There is a number of other metrics that continue the narrative, tracking your video’s progress for much longer and across more important fields. So, what are these metrics you may not be looking out for and can they help your digital campaigns succeed?

1. Drop-off rate If any one stat shows how view count can pull the wool over your eyes, it’s this one. For example, it’s all well and good getting 1 million views on your video, but what if most of the audience tunes out and clicks away after the first 15 seconds? Video isn’t there just to be clicked on, its purpose is to be viewed and engaged with. By checking the drop-off rates for your videos, you can find out exactly what content is effective and how it needs to be delivered to keep viewers’ attention for the full duration. Visible Measures found that on average, 20 per cent of viewers will abandon a video within the the first 10 seconds. This statistic held true no matter the view count or subject matter, highlighting the fickle nature of some members of your audience. Rather than being discouraged by this statistic, you should take it as a challenge: What can you and your team do to reverse these trends?

2. Lead generation Some key video metrics are measured after the content has been consumed, such as lead generation. If you are uploading video content to drive people to a certain product, page or deal, you should be checking to see how many hits can be attributed to the video. The Web Video Marketing Council suggests getting videos to target a unique phone number or page for the most accurate evaluation of its effect. Ultimately, people should be excited after watching your videos – if they aren’t following through on the call to action, it might be time to change your strategy. Read more about clickable calls to action here.

3. Social shares No matter your opinion of social media, it’s a great platform for getting content out in the open and introducing new faces to your business while also growing the brand. This can also give you an idea of how to reach your target audience, and which platforms they frequent. Of course, the number of shares is also important. If one video in particular has a disproportionately high number of shares, try and work out what made it such a success. If you have any questions about anything in this article or want to talk more about measuring your own video content call us on +61 (0)2 8007 6200.