One of the many advantages of using video content as a marketing tool is its flexibility. Whether you want it to stand on its own or be integrated into your current social media campaign, video content is incredibly adaptable.

However, the key to this flexibility is finding an enterprise video streaming platform that is adaptable, such as Viostream. This ensures that video content is available over a number of devices and shared and tracked through different social media channels.

The timing is perfect! Currently social media platforms are drastically ramping up their efforts to support and promote video content, so companies have a higher chance of increasing engagement with their followers.

Posting your video on Facebook 

The social media giant’s recent love affair with video is no accident, with the company making a concerted effort to ensure its service is delivering content that its users want to view, like and share.

One of the main reasons Facebook is able to do this so effectively is due to its algorithms that seek to pair users with content it thinks they want to see. It bases this on their past interactions with similar features, so the more people who like, comment on and share your social posts, the wider its reach will grow.

The fact that marketers want to use video more and Facebook are working hard to grow its video offering is great news and creates lots of opportunities for marketers to reach more people and increase engagement.

What do the stats say?

Social media is now almost inseparable from smartphones and other mobile devices. If people are watching marketing content on their smartphones, there’s a high chance social media led them there.

Adobe’s Digital Index Q1 2015 report found that video use on smartphones is still on the rise, up 22 per cent over results from Q1 2014. Adding to this, the company found that video views are now just as frequent on tablets as they are on desktops.

According to data produced by Social Bakers and published by Business Insider in December last year, Facebook is now a more popular place to upload videos than some of its notable competitors. Unsurprisingly, Facebook videos are growing their influence on the site, accounting for nearly 80 per cent of all engagement in November last year.

If you think it’s time your social media content embraced the visual world, contact the team at Viocorp to discover a solution that suits you.

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