Allens understand that people buy into people. When dealing with an International Law Firm, trusting the people you work with is key, and knowing a bit about how they work in their area of expertise really helps when you’re making hefty decisions.

A leaderboard introducing new Partners and Managing Associates with a quick video that combines professional and personal achievements, is front and center on Allens website, allowing viewers an emotional connection they would have otherwise missed. View the leaderboard.

While Allens have always been quick to market with industry updates and thought leadership, they are taking it a step further by taking an innovative approach with video when dissecting the Murray’s FSI final report. According to Allens…

“Its recommendations could drive major regulatory reform and have a profound influence upon the strength of Australia’s economy in decades to come.”

Working closely with clients in the financial services sector, Allens breaks down this complex report into seven main segments – each with a video to gather expert opinions – breaking them down to more palatable communications and making the material much easier to digest.

The expert partners discuss some of the risks and opportunities that the FSI’s recommendations create for product design, financial product advice and distribution – from exposing product issuers to greater risk of litigation, to the issue of financial versus sales advice.

Not only is this valuable information to clients and the public alike, but sharing this industry knowledge raises the profile of both Allens and their Partners. View the discussion of the report.