Online video is an incredibly versatile medium for businesses to explore, opening new doors to both internal and external communication.

The options are just as wide-ranging for companies looking to create content that targets current and potential customers. Whether it’s live streaming a company announcement or revealing new products with a video, this growing communication channel provides businesses with the opportunity to reach people in a unique and exciting way.

One notable way this content can add value to the relationship customers have with a brand is through tutorials. By showing people how to use a product or offering inventive tips and tricks, they get a greater insight into what it means for them and the company that’s offering it.
Obviously, step one is to choose the subject of the video content. Whether it’s your most popular product or a recent addition to your company’s lineup, it should be something with the potential to whip up a storm on social media and garner consumer interest.Select a product to transform with online video

It’s also worth trying to tackle a subject or product with longevity, increasing the likelihood of the video continuing to gain attention in the long term. In fact, statistics from video analytics researcher Tubular, published by ReelSEO, found that half of all views on Facebook videos came on day one. Could your content buck these trends and gain more views in the long term?

Narrow down your target audience

Once you’ve selected a product or service to promote, it’s time to investigate who the best people to target are. From new users to existing customers, older generations to younger tech-savvy individuals, it’s best to specialise in one demographic.

Online video is most popular for people aged between 18 and 34.

According to a report from the International Advertising Bureau, online video content is most popular within people aged between 18 and 34. While this doesn’t mean that other demographics won’t view your content, it is the biggest audience for online video, so it’s worth keeping in mind when selecting a product to focus on.

It’s also important to take note of where your audience is likely to view the content it watches. With the rise in mobile video, more audiences are watching these clips while on the go, so your content needs to be adaptable.

For example, Roy Morgan Research found that more than three-quarters (77 per cent) of mothers in Australia have a smartphone. If your online video tutorial is set to target these individuals, it needs to be released on a mobile-friendly platform.

Find out what consumers want

Now that you’ve chosen a product and target audience, it’s time to start creating content that’s in line with what viewers want to see.

According to research hosted by Statista, how-tos are the second most popular type of online video content, with 56 per cent of all respondents to the survey viewing them regularly. The third most popular type of content includes educational videos, highlighting the fact that consumers are keen to learn about new products and inventive ways to use them.

The online video category that people like the most, however, is comedy. So why not try and add a bit of fun to your video tutorial?

Grab viewers’ attention

Modern consumers are bombarded left, right and centre with a range of content across a number of social media platforms. It’s vital that your video content can catch and maintain a viewer’s attention.

Videos need to start strong to encourage viewer retention, and it’s wise to try and keep them short and snappy so as to not overwhelm people.

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