Connecting with employees remains one of the biggest challenges for Australian business leaders. Of course, the links between productivity and engagement have been well documented in recent years, but this doesn’t mean that enterprises are getting any closer to solving these issues.

According to The State of Employee Engagement in Australia 2015, published by Engaged Marketing, the majority of 3,361 employees polled are disengaged with their employment and just 55.3 per cent are loyal towards their bosses.

If you believe that this is a problem within your business, now is the time to consider innovative and smart internal communications options such as video. By incorporating content via a new platform, employers can reconnect with workers and track key metrics to ensure messages are understood.

With this in mind, here are three internal video opportunities for your business.

1) Training new and existing employees

Based on the 2014 State of the Industry Report from the Association for Talent Development, organisations spend more than $1,200 per employee in relation to training and development. For a growing enterprise, this is a considerable cost, especially if there is a constant stream of new workers who all require the same skill set. This is certainly where internal video content is at an advantage.

Industry authority Reelseo stated that businesses can, therefore, create videos that introduce the company structure or outline goals and strategies. Furthermore, any verbal training can be reinforced with videos that are easy to refer back to and that employees can watch in their own time.

Of course, content can be produced with calls to action to ensure the right person has got the message. This could include reading a section of a training manual or undertaking a certain task. It is important to note that training videos can remain constant for a time, allowing the business to spend revenue on other more pressing areas of the enterprise.

Is there a smarter way to train employees?Is there a smarter way to train employees?

2) Senior management communications

For the last 20 years, emails have been the best way for senior management to communicate with the general workforce. While it is used countless times a day, there is always the risk for employees to ignore or miss important announcements.

Video content is personal, fun and interactive, engaging employees in a new format and approach.

According to research from McKinsey & Company and the International Data Corporation, around 28 per cent of the average employee’s week is taken up reading and answering emails. This calculates to almost a third of their workload. So, is there a smarter option for businesses?

By taking the opportunity to make important company updates and announcements through video content, senior management have a greater chance of reaching their workforce and getting the desired reaction. Video content is personal, fun and interactive, engaging employees in a new format and approach.

From a metric perspective, videos can be analysed to show when the majority of viewers switched off and how many followed directions provided in the content. This is the type of data that emails simply can’t provide.

3) Product and service demonstrations

New products and services are the mark of a progressive business, but if staff can’t explain or understand these diverse options, what are the chances of customers and clients wanting to invest?

In fact, based on insight from a Harvard Business Review article, one of the major reasons why products fail is because consumers have had to take a long time learning how to use them but manufacturers fail to deliver guidance properly. To ensure your team has a sound grasp on services and products, why not consider video demonstrations?

Instead of reading reams of descriptions, internal video content can pinpoint unique selling points and offer the information that customers need to know. These videos can then be revisited as required to supplement knowledge.

For further detail about the merits of internal video content, feel free to contact the team at Viostream today.