A massive amount of internal and external communication is conducted through email, which has become the medium of choice for businesses and government organisations. 

With their wide reach, emails can quickly overwhelm recipients, especially if companies do not have a strategy to reach audiences efficiently. As oversaturation is a key concern in any popular market, businesses are responsible for crafting unique content that separates their contributions from other options, ensuring that important messages are not lost in a sea of information. 

Rather than bombarding recipients with screeds of overwhelming text, businesses should be seeking ways to streamline content, making it easier and more enjoyable to consume. 

This is where videos come in, resulting in visual content that looks much more welcoming than the wall of text some emails lead with. So, how can you spice up your email with visual content?

Make sure they work on all platforms

Unlike a few years ago, you can no longer assume emails will be opened on desktop computers. The mobile nature of today's workforce means emails and the content they deliver need to be optimised for everything from tablets to smartphones. This means these videos will be at the mercy of different screen sizes and speaker setups. 

Email marketing specialist Litmus discovered that more emails than ever are being opened on mobile platforms, highlighting the need to have versatile and engaging content that can reach viewers at their workstation or on the go. 

According to Litmus, back in 2011 only 8 per cent of all emails were received and opened on mobile devices. By the end of last year, that number had risen to just under half (48 per cent), marking a 500 per cent increase in just four years. 

Track the results

While it my be tempting to start adding videos to emails without giving them any further thought, this is not the best way to go about it. To get the most out of these initiatives, metrics and statistics need to be tracked so you can ensure the content is reaching its target audience

These programs aren't quite a magic bullet to fixing communication issues, so some tweaking may be required to ensure they are at their most effective. 

This can also mean more than just analysing opening and click-through rates, as videos have the chance to take on a life of their own after being sent into the public sphere. The shareable nature of this content means that employees or members of the public can further spread the message if they think it's worth passing on. 

In some cases, this could cause the video to go viral, helping your content to reach new audiences and draw attention to your brand. 

Find a hosting network that meets your needs

If your content is targeted toward a professional audience, you need to find a platform to host video content that respects this criteria. The Viostream service has been designed with these concerns in mind, and allows businesses and other organisations to host and distribute content that is directed at their target audience, whether that is internal employees or the members of your marketing email list. 

Based on the above points, these platforms need to flexible in the same way target audiences are. Viostream is designed to ensure content is accessible no matter where it is being accessed from, be it through emails, mobile platforms, internal intranet, through social media or on a standard desktop computer. 

It's also possible to track the performance of these videos, so you can be sure the content being produced is worthwhile. This also enables videos to be targeted more efficiently, enabling you to find out exactly how your audience prefers to engage with your content. 

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