There is certainly a good reason why sales professionals usually get paid the big bucks. At the end of the day, these individuals are the connection between your products and potential customers, ensuring that new clients continue to filter into the workplace.

Given how important they are to corporate success, sales professionals are also arguably very busy day-to-day. Whether they are preparing a presentation for a client, travelling to a meeting or discussing sales techniques, there is the risk that information simply emailed may not get the required engagement.

This is where video can make a difference. In this article, we’ll analyse some of the ways that business leaders can use video to connect with their sales representatives.

1) Sales strategy updates

74 per cent of sales managers believe that they have poor communication skills.

In most business situations, sales professionals are overseen by a sales manager who dictates corporate or sales strategy. However, according to the Sales Benchmark Index, 74 per cent of these managers believe that they have poor communication skills and this is having an impact on the performance of their representatives.

Essentially, if a sales strategy is not communicated fully or at all, there is the potential for clients to be offered different rates, products or even information. A lack of consistency can certainly harm reputation if not addressed.

For sales managers, the answer could be video. By creating interactive video content that outlines new corporate strategies, the sales team receives the same message and it can be watched at any time, on any device.

2) New products and updates

Sales representatives need updated product information.Sales representatives need updated product information.

As the bread and butter of their job, sales representatives need to know the comprehensive ins and outs of the product or service and how it relates to the prospect. However, according to business applications enterprise Lattice Engine, 42 per cent of sales professionals don’t have enough information about the client before they make a call.

While sales representatives are usually good under pressure, they need as much insight about the client and product/service before they make the pitch. Again, this is where video content can make the difference.

By producing videos around new products, their benefits, uses and advantages, sales representatives have a constant source of information to refer back to. If those specifics change, then an update can be created and all parties remain on the same page.

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