You’re invited to an exclusive Viocorp Digital Communication Forum on Wednesday, 6th of March featuring a panel of industry leaders sharing strategic insights and practical guidance on how video can deliver engaging communication for financial and professional services firms.

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Key insights for Financial and Professional Services communicators:

  • Innovation in B2B communication: Why firms have increasingly turned to video to communicate the IP of their partners and staff.
  • Lead generation and marketing: How a financial services firm generated $25M+ in additional business in 90 days using a video development program.
  • Organisational efficiency: Why financial and professional sevice firms are redesigning their intranets with video front and centre.
  • Customer engagament: Learn how story-telling can communicate complex messages with innovative apporoaches.

Event Agenda:

  • Digital landscape in 2013: The impact on organisations of the trends and changes in digital technology.
  • Media training: How to turn a fund manager or partner in a law firm into an effective presenter for your video content.
  • Panel discussion: Legal, global consulting and financial service communicators on their adoption path of video for communications and marketing.
  • Case study: Increasing lead generation through effective video development program.

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